Zodiac signs and colors - the shades of your true self

Since they are such wide-ranging symbols, the zodiac signs have since ancient times been related to different colors, archetypes, precious stones, minerals, foods and numerous other things. Most people know their Sun sign, but if you also happen to know your Moon sign or Ascendant, you may experiment with colors to reflect different aspects of your personality. Use colors represented by your Sun Sign, as they are always important for emphasizing your inner creative self; combine them with the colors of your Ascendant for added nuance, or with the moon to make your inner self more apparent to the world. Below is a list of colors typically associated with all the twelve signs. I believe there is some consensus in the area, even though some authorities differ in distributing colors to the signs.

Aries is a sign that needs clarity and energy, and red, especially sparkling scarlet red, is the most typical color companion for the sign. Also white as a symbol of purity and innocence has affinity with Aries.

Earthy Taurus will have a general affinity with green, the deep "foresty" shades, but some sources also associate it with pale blues. Likewise yellow-green combinations, fertile and soothing as the month of May, have been considered Taurean.

Witty Gemini, always hungry for knowledge, is mainly a sign of yellow, the intellectual color per se. Also lighter nuances of orange. Yellow-orange seem to open up and make relating easier, communication being a trademark for the sign Gemini.

Cancer, the sign of the "great mother" harmonizes with colors such as silver, "pearl" and emerald green. Colors that mirror the moon and its tide and also the everchanging yet eternally consistent cycles of all living organisms.

Leo, the sun king, has its best correspondence in gold and deep shades of orange and darker yellows. Not like airy Gemini, where lighter yellows show flexibility, but the ripeness of orange. Also, I would vote for purple, traditionally associated with royalty.

Virgo - gray, navy blue, some brownish hues such as khaki. Virgo is associated with grey because of its sobering quality, its willingness to blend and adapt and its rather unassuming versatility and tastefulness. Also the dark hues of navy blue standing for resignation purity.

Libra has been given the colors pink, owing perhaps to the love planet Venus, and light lemon yellow with its soothing, harmonizing quality. Some older sources mention red with purple hints such as crimson. Blue as a general color of peace, intellect and deliberation may also have affinity with Libra.

Passionate Scorpio is deep and emotionally intense. The mysterioso, sexual quality indicates Burgundy red and dark brown. Black is certainly no stranger to this sign, which deals with transformation, death and resurrection.

Sagittarius, the visionary and enthusiast has been linked to ultramarine blue, olive and light green. Ultramarine promotes spiritual dedication and awareness. Jupiter, planet of joy and luck calls for light color mixtures, perhaps light purple, yellow and magenta (my own association).

Capricorn and Saturn need rigid, steady and reliable hues. There is much consensus for the colors black, different shades of dark brown and dark gray. They are patient and provide solid foundation for further accomplishment, but can be limiting and cold.

Aquarius, the progressive humanitarian has distinct affinity with sky blue, (Azure) Aquamarine and light blue. The planet Uranus (modern ruler of the sign) is quick and electric, and its quality somehow leads me to think about mixtures of silver and turquoise.

Dreamy Pisces is an elusive one. I believe violet may come closest to Pisces through its symbolism, but the following colors have at different times also been given to the sign: sea green, glistening white, lavender.

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